Rustic Roots Marquette

2021 Marquette


Style: Minnesota Dry Red
Silver, 2020 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition
Bronze, 2021 Finger Lakes Wine Competition

The Marquette grape is probably the best-known red-grape variety from the University of Minnesota’s grape breeding project. For additional complexity, we blended ours with just a touch of Merlot grown in Washington State. This Marquette wine, like its grandparent Pinot Noir, has a lighter body but plenty of intense flavors such as black cherry, red plum and cranberry. Further sensory investigation reveals elegant notes of campfire, damp forest floor, and white pepper. Aged in American oak barrels, there is a note of pine forest that adds to its flavorful, mouth-watering, and thirst-quenching texture. Serve with pizza or any tomato-based stews and pastas.